Michael Cain

"A trip back to those memorable moments, objects and interactions that ultimately blur, fade, and dissolve as time passes."

Join us for the opening of Michael Cain's solo exhibition 'Scraps' from 6pm on Friday 8th March, proudly supported by Gage Roads Brewing Co!

The exhibition is open for viewing from Wednesday 6th - Sunday 18th March 2019

For all enquiries please contact the Gallery Manager Ariana - info@bsidegallery.com



Evil Keanevil X Caper

Kicking off BSIDE Gallery's 2019 program we have our studio resident and homie Evil Keanevil joining forces with Caper for a collaborative exhibition filled with colour and nostalgia.

Take a trip down memory lane and see iconic cartoon characters recreated in the contemporary styles that both artists have honed over the years, from acrylic paintings and stencils, to intricate woodcuts.

Join us for the opening of Tune In Toon Out from 6-9pm this Friday 18th January, proudly supported by Young Henrys!

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 15th - Sunday 20th January 2019, for all enquiries please contact the Gallery Manager Ariana - info@bsidegallery.com

Exhibition hours:

Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 11am - 5pm
Thursday 11am - 5pm
Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm


Caper has been an active street artist for over 12 years, creating illustrations and paintings that parody mass media and popular culture. His use of multi-layered imagery in his works at times appear idiosyncratic and quirky, whilst acting as typical by-products of American superabundance and marketing.
Caper's works are saturated with mental inertia, cliches and bad jokes, and by their nature question the coerciveness of the superficial.

Evil Keanevil

Evil Keanevil's work is a dynamic and bold exploration of entropy and deconstruction of reality. Pop culture icons, as well as original characters are deconstructed to reveal their core components, usually by liquefying or melting the subject.
Questions and themes have risen through the meltingly matter, bubbling through the muck and surfacing in the paintings themselves - which components can be stripped away, and by what measure before the subject becomes unrecognisable? When the subject is melted down, is it their perception of reality being manipulated, or the viewer's?


Whore’Hey presents:

"Appropriation comes natural to me, my awareness of conventional and pop art reflects into my life creating a space for appropriation and the art of copying. The underlying aspect of "I am not unique within my individuality" John Bauldessari (https://youtu.be/eU7V4GyEuXA) being a major influence, assisting with my structure of non-ground breaking art. My delivery and process of creation is sporadic and fuelled by my mental illness and traumatic past. Evident in my works which you will read soon. I am reaching for the title of "Mistress of Appropriation"

My maladaptive personality and artwork conflict together creating a harmonious environment for my expression.

Topic of works: sex, sex work, strippers, coffee, drugs/candy, alcohol, sleep, yoga, vegan, divorce/prison, pregnancy, abortion, rape, borderline personality disorder, money, debt, suicide, hip hop."
- Whore’Hey

Join us for the opening of 'Candy Shop of Horrors' from 6pm on Friday 15th February at BSIDE Gallery, Level 1 121 Brunswick St Fitzroy.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 14th - Sunday 17th February 2019.