Opening Night: Friday 18th November 6-9pm

"The act of painting simultaneously embodies a spectrum of behaviour that ranges from harmonious and intricate, to impulsive and aggressive; metaphorically resembling a conversation in action. I strive to create work that encourages such conversation within myself and others, as it is through dialogue that we can develop. Like any conversation, we are constantly responding to one another in an impulsive way, at the same time finding a balance between the articulate intelligent thought and the primal gut instinct. 

To challenge oneself or another is to encourage growth, but also emotion, and it is this tension that is enacted aesthetically in my work. In questioning what is presented on the surface, deeper meanings transform the presumed subject matter into something more. Looking at human nature, facial expression, and the parallels between love and ferocity my work draws attention to the rawness of human feeling that is glossed over by many. We have a responsibility to push forth into the depths of the human psyche and embrace the contradictions, fluctuations and insecurities that make up human nature. Only in accepting the presence our contrasting tendencies can we truly attempt to understand the intricacies of the human condition." 
Christopher Hancock